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Security Training Concepts’ Online Iowa Permit-to-Carry Weapons Course is for residents of the State of Iowa who desire to tell "Death, NOT TODAY!" by lawfully obtaining Iowa’s 5-year Permit-to-Carry Weapons permit and carry a Concealed Weapon pursuant to Iowa Code 2017, Chapter 724 - Weapons. Section 724.7 which states, “Any person who is not disqualified, who satisfies the training requirements, and who files an application in accordance with section 724.10 shall be issued a nonprofessional permit to carry weapons.” 

Responsible persons eligible to receive a county sheriff-issued Iowa Concealed Weapons Permit, pursuant to Iowa Code 2017, Chapter 724.9, Firearm Training Program, “shall demonstrate knowledge of firearm safety by any of the following means:

  1. Completion of any handgun safety training course available to the general public offered by a law enforcement agency, community college, college, private or public institution or organization, or firearms training school, utilizing instructors certified by the National Rifle Association or the department of public safety or another state’s department of public safety, state police department, or similar certifying body.

This course qualifies as an acceptable firearms training course pursuant to Iowa Code 2017, Chapter 724.9(b), in that your Firearms Instructor for this training, Michael A. Brown, MA, CAMS-I, FI, is certified by the following entities and duly qualified to instruct you on firearms safety and Iowa law:

  • Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board-certified Firearms Instructor
  • National Rifle Association-Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer #159742372
  • Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Registered Firearms Instructor #263.000320
  • Illinois State Police-Approved Concealed Carry Instructor
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety-Approved Security Guard Firearms Instructor
  • Master of Arts Degree-Criminal Justice, Governors State University, Illinois
  • United Stated Army Veteran
  • Former Illinois Police Officer and Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor
  • Owner/Principal Instructor, Security Training Concepts, Chicago, IL
  • NAMA-Certified Anger Management Specialist-I

***WE GUARANTEE County Sheriff's Acceptance of this training for your permit or your money back with verifiable proof of rejection from the sheriff's office to which the applicant/student has applied.***

NOTE: Persons wishing to taking this online course MUST have a valid email address. Persons wishing to take this course who do not have an email address MUST create one prior to course registration.

Registered Students MUST complete Security Training Concepts’ Online Iowa Permit-to-Carry Weapons Course within 1 month from the date of registration.

Registered Students will complete approximately 2-3 hours of Security Training Concepts’ Online Iowa Permit-to-Carry Weapons Course ONLINE with topics to include:

- Instructor and Course Introduction

- Home, Vehicle, and Firearm Safety

- Firearm and Ammunition Identification and Selection

- Firearm Cleaning and Firearm Loading

- Basic Firearms Marksmanship and Malfunctions Clearance

- Situational Awareness and Encountering Law Enforcement

- The Use of Force and Iowa Law

- Can Shoot vs. Must Shoot: A Live Classroom Discussion

- Applying for the Iowa Permit-to-Carry Weapons Permit

NOTE: Course Tuition Prices Listed and Course Schedule Are Subject to Change or Cancellation Without Notice. No Refunds for Courses Paid For; Credit Toward Future Classes Given for Inability/Undesirability to Attend Course Paid For.