Seucurity Training Concepts

Security Training Concepts
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Class Schedules


Plan ahead! Scroll down to the class type you would like to attend. Pick a date and pay the deposit to reserve your seat below!  PLEASE NOTE: ALL Classes will require a deposit to be paid to reserve a seat. No refunds.


Fall Session 2021


Unarmed Security Classes
Unarmed Security Classes are 845am to 445pm unless otherwise noted.

Nov 2021

Maximum Seats: 10 Seats

  • Mon/Tue  01/02 - Seats Available
  • Mon/Tue  22/23 - Seats Available

Dec 2021

Maximum Seats: 10 Seats Only

  • Mon/Tue  06/07 - Seats Available
  • Mon/Tue  20/21 - Seats Available

Armed Security and Concealed Carry Classes are to be completed in-person ONLY. We are open.  Please, safely come take a class with us. Please follow CDC guidelines.

Armed Security / Concealed Carry Classes

Cost: $99 for either Armed Security or Concealed Carry certification. 

Add $50 to above payment to receive both certifications

Classes NOW include: Gun Use, Ear/Eye Protection, Ammo, and Targets. 

***PLEASE NOTE: Class attendees will pay the range fee of $20 payable at the range location to the gun range staff. $99 + $20 = $119. 

$50 Deposit MUST be paid to reserve seat. Balance paid BEFORE the first day of class. 

There are NO REFUNDs as purchases must be made to secure class amenities. Be sure of your desire to attend this awesome class. 

Classes are 8am - 4pm unless otherwise listed.    Classes are 8am-4pm unless otherwise listed. 

Oct 2021

  • Thu/Fri  07/08 - Seats Available
  • Sat/Sun 09/10 - Seats Available
  • Thu/Fri  14/15 - Seats Available
  • Sat/Sun  16/17  -  Seats Available
  • Thu/Fri  28/29  - Seats Available
  • Sat/Sun 30/31 - Seats Available

Nov 2021

  • Thu/Fri  04/05 - Seats Available
  • Sat/Sun  06/07 - Seats Available
  • Sat/Sun 13/14 - Seats Available
  • Thu/Fri   18/19  -  Seats Available

Dec 2021

  • Thu/Fri  02/03 - Seats Available
  • Sat/Sun  11/12 - Seats Available
  • Thu/Fri   16/17  -  Seats Available

Concealed Carry 3-Hr. Renewal Class / Armed Security Firearms Requalification

Class Details: $55.00  Must have own firearm and ammo. Firearm and ammo available for additional $20. Payment must be made before class attendance. ***As of 15 JAN 2021, Class attendees will pay the range fee of $20 payable at the range location to the gun range staff. Student will meet at the location given when payment is made. After payment, call/text (773) 372-3929 for class information. No refunds. 

Call (773) 372-3929 to inquire. We can work with your schedule.


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