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PERC / Firearms Card Check My Status

(How to Check on your Fingerprints AFTER Printing):

ONLINE: Click HERE.  Fingerprint results return within 48-72 hours (Illinois State Police-dependent; could take longer).


FINGERPRINTING ONLINE STATUS INFO: A PERC Card applicant's fingerprints will show one of two statuses: "PENDING" or "ELIGIBLE."

  1. “PENDING” means the fingerprints have been received by the Illinois State Police and are in process.
  2. “ELIGIBLE” means your fingerprint check of your background makes you eligible for the issuance of the PERC card.

TELEPHONE (If fingerprints still show “PENDING”): You may call the Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification at (815) 740-5160 or email Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification at In the title of the email, you will type in the email header FINGERPRINT STATUS INQUIRY - Your Last Name, Your First Name. You will need Transaction Control Number (TCN), beginning with "LS", that is found on the bottom of your fingerprint sheet. 


PLEASE NOTE: The fingerprint vendors have nothing to do with the reason your fingerprints may take longer to clear. Any issues regarding your fingerprints and their status will be told to you by the Illinois State Police. If your fingerprints show “PENDING”, ISP received your fingerprints. In order to work while waiting for your PERC card, your fingerprints MUST be listed as "ELIGIBLE." BE ADVISED: If you have a background, your fingerprints will be in a "PENDING" status until Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) schedules a conference with you regarding the allowance/approval of your PERC Card application. Be patient. A background does not mean you will be denied.


PERC CARD STATUS (How to Check Online and Telephone for PERC Card AFTER you’ve applied):

ONLINE: Click HERE.  Please enter your first name in the field “FIRST NAME” and your last name in the field “LAST NAME”. Press enter to get your license number. PERC Card License numbers begin with numbers, “129” and Firearms Training Card numbers begin with the numbers, “230.” ALL professional licenses (PERC, Original Firearms Training cards [your 40-hour Armed Security Officer certification]) are no longer being mailed. They are available ONLINE ONLY.


TELEPHONE: To inquire about the status of your PERC Card or other license with IDFPR, Call IDFPR at 1 (800) 560-6420 Monday thru Friday 8:30am-5:00pm. When the voice starts talking, press "1"; when voice talks, press "5"; then when voice talks, press "9". Wait patiently and a live person will be with you momentarily.



ONLINE: Click HERE. Once on the website, move your mouse to the middle toward "Licensed Professionals" Click on "Print my License". Once on the next page, It should be automatically at the "Professionals (Date of Birth or SSN)" information entry area.  You will need to know your license number (get it by clicking HERE) and either the last 4 numbers of your SSN or your date of birth. 


PLEASE NOTE: PERC Card Printing and Lamination at Security Training Concepts: $35.00

                            Original Firearm Training Printing at Security Training Concepts: $35.00

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PERC Card Printout

Firearms Training Card Printout