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The BEST Chicago Security Officer Training 

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IL Concealed Carry Courses / S.I.R.T Pistol Training & Purchase


"Death, NOT Today!"

Protect Yourself Legally 
Protect Yourself Responsibly. Period.

NOTE: Classes will go the FULL 16-Hours Course. If you leave, you forfeit. Tuition Prices Listed and Course Schedules Are Subject to Change or Cancellation Without Notice. No Refunds for Courses Paid For; Credit Toward Future Classes may be Given for Inability/Undesirability to Attend Course Paid For.
**NO REFUNDS. After payment, must Call 773-372-3929 after payment and register for any class.)

What makes us THE place to go to for your Concealed Carry and/or Armed Security Training? Safety. Sweat. Guts. Challenge. Mindset. Conflict Avoidance. Humility. No Excuses. Be-Know-Do. Can vs. Must. Anger Management. Most importantly, an HILARIOUSLY AWESOME class on a shoe-string budget. 

Be advised: If you want some cupcake, soft, touch-your-back, feelings-centered, ego-massaged, "teach you in your comfort zone" gun course, this isn't for you. In fact, GUNS aren't for you. We are NOT like those looking to take your money without telling you the reality of gun ownership and usage. They will not be with you in a gun fight. You will. You MUST survive. What you learn here is UNMATCHED. What you learn here is LIFE-CHANGING. You will feel like you've CHEATED US out of money for the knowledge you will gained. It'll be the BEST money you've spent on initial firearms training. 

Our Military Veteran / Law Enforcement Instructors and Curriculum are certified by the Illinois State Police. But,  don't take our word. Check the Illinois State Police website below to verify our credentials below. When page opens up, locate the entry column, "Last or Business Name", enter "Security Training" and look for "Security Training Concepts" of Chicago.  See? Certified! Your  training. Your certification. Your safety. Your life. Our business. Now, let's get down to it. 


Concealed Carry Class Schedules: 

Three Options for Classes: 

- Weekdays (Two-Days)

- Weekends (Two-Days)

- Weekend   (One-Day)

For our One-Day Concealed/Armed Security Class, if you think  our "One Day"  course is too long, please, think again!
- (2) 45min lunch breaks
- 10 min. breaks every 50mins. of lecture/activity
-  Firearms Range Qualification will be mid-course (afternoon)
- Extremely and hilariously-educated and experienced ISP-Approved Firearms Instructor
**NOTE: Persons using this online pre-pay option MUST CALL/TEXT Security Training Concepts after payment at (773) 372-3929 to inform Security Training Concepts of the course option (Weekday, Weekend One-Day or Two-Day, or Weeknight) and the date of training where the student anticipates attending this course. Failure to attend on that date, absent a valid emergency circumstance subject to Security Training Concepts' approval, will result in forfeiture of seat. Rescheduling may be allowed subject to SECTRACON Administration Approval. No REFUNDs.

CURRENT CONCEALED CARRY PRICE: $85.00** (Regular Price: $95.00!**)
(Must Call 773-372-3929 after payment and register for any class)


CURRENT CONCEALED CARRY PRICE: $125.00** (Regular Price: $140.00!**)
(Must Call 773-372-3929 after payment and register for any class)

SIRT 365 - Train in real time and space 365 day's a year. WHY? Because you live in your own shoot house (range). You live in the area where you may likely need to use your firearm against a deadly threat. Train for the worst by buying the best. There will be no 2nd place winners... and "FAILURE IS JUST NOT A OPTION" - Dave Howlett, US Tactical Rifle Assn.

PRICE - Approximately  $239.00 – $439.00 (Various options dictate price.)

NOTE:  According to, "Today, the average North American traditional funeral costs between $7,000 and $10,000. This price range includes the services at the funeral home, burial in a cemetery, and the installation of a headstone." 

Practice to live. Or save to die. Your choice.

Click the "Buy Now" button below to purchase. Your life will thank you when that day picks you.

***Regular Price: ONLY $95!!!***

Includes Semi-Auto Firearm Usage, Range Fee,
Hearing/Eye Protection, Ammo, Targets (Threats).
**We Price Match ~ Bring Us a Lower Price. We'll Match for same Course and Details.**